Your First Appointment

Welcome! We invite you to use our online calendar to schedule your first appointment. You may also call our office or one of our therapists directly in order to ask any initial questions.

Your therapist will be notified when you book your appointment, and will send you a welcome e-mail with information regarding your first appointment. We will also send you a link to our secure client portal in order to complete all of your initial paperwork. Please ensure all paperwork is submitted prior to your appointment.

Appointments are offered in CaryWilmington, and Virtually (client’s must be located in the state of North Carolina at the time of the virtual appointment).

During the first session, your therapist will 1) confirm your identity through photo ID; 2) review your intake paper and consents to ensure that you clearly understand all policies and can ask any questions you may have; 3) complete a comprehensive clinical assessment; 4) collaborate with you to identify and document treatment goals that are tailored specifically for your desired counseling outcome; and 5) discuss treatment recommendations and personalized plan of care.

If you plan to use insurance, please bring your insurance card for your therapist to make a copy. When meeting virtually, you can provide a photocopy via e-mail to ensure your therapist has all of the necessary information to submit your claims. *Please note that it is your responsibility to understand your unique plan’s coverage of mental health services, and to notify us if you have primary and secondary insurance coverages. Please also be aware that the person we are billing for will need to be present for the session in order to ensure coverage of services.

When using the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool as a consultation process only (i.e. not engaging in therapy), you will need to contact our certified facilitator and complete the assessment prior to your first appointment. At your initial appointment, you will receive a Couples Report and will review the results of your assessment. At the end of this appointment, you can discuss follow up appointments as needed, and can discuss insurance options if therapy is recommended.