Ariel Dale

Ariel is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA) who graduated from Long Island University in New York City with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Ariel works with children, adults and couples to support you through difficult moments, explore how the past impacts you today, strengthen your relationships, and build awareness and understanding of your emotions. 

Ariel’s approach to therapy is non judgemental, trauma-informed, and LGBTQIA+/gender affirming. She practices using a variety of approaches including narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and emotionally focused therapy. Each session is individually tailored to meet every client’s specific needs.

Ariel specializes in working with clients who are exploring gender or sexual identities, childhood trauma, PTSD, individuals late diagnosed with ADHD or seeking ADHD diagnosis, depression, and anxiety. She believes in exploring the past to inform how we manage stress, interpersonal relationships, and learned behaviors. Ariel understands that neurodivergence can feel overwhelming or isolating, especially when diagnosed later in life. She understands that neurodivergent brains function differently and therefore clients need different tools and skills to succeed. Ariel believes that neurodivergent individuals are not “broken”, they simply benefit from alternative tools to manage daily life.

When working with children Ariel uses a variety of approaches to best meet the client’s needs. Ariel pulls from art therapy, music therapy, and play therapy to further connect with clients and create a safe space. Through the use of these approaches she is able to further explore the child’s presenting problem and allow the client to build trust. Ariel recognizes the importance of creating a safe space that encourages the client to be excited to return to the next session. She believes that therapy can be fun while still being productive.

Ariel works with monogamous and non-monogamous couples, including those in polyamorous relationships. She draws from the Gottman method, emotionally focused therapy, feminist theory, and internal family systems. She works to improve communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, and functioning. Ariel strives to create a safe space where all parties feel heard and supported.

Her approach is unique and individualized to each client. Using empathy, humor, and compassion she hopes to foster self-love, clarity, and fulfillment. She aims to create a safe and collaborative environment that promotes growth and healing. Ariel always operates from a culturally competent viewpoint and values the importance of inclusivity and accessibility