Mani Dexter

Mani is a therapist-in-training who has made North Carolina her home for the last 20 years and is completing her master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at National University. Her work as a lawyer representing people during the most difficult times of their lives helped guide her decision to become a therapist.

Mani is specializing in working with individuals and couples who are experiencing relationship conflict due to issues related to trauma, anxiety, communication challenges, and other relationship distress.

Mani values the therapist-client relationship and works to foster safety and connection through empathy and understanding. She views the therapeutic relationship as a collaboration between the therapist and the client, with the client being the expert in their own lives. She walks alongside her clients to help them understand themselves and their relationships better, and to feel empowered in their lives.

Mani’s approach to therapy is practical. She uses emotionally focused therapy to understand attachment issues in relationships, solution-focused therapy to concentrate on specific issues clients are facing, and the Gottman method to strengthen couple dynamics. She understands that we are all affected by factors around us and clients and their relationships should be viewed from a systemic perspective rather than in isolation. She believes that everyone possesses strengths and resources, and that sometimes we just need help identifying and utilizing them. She looks forward to helping clients feel more in control of their lives and their relationships.

Mani is completing her therapy residence at FSWC through May 2025.  Mani is an intern and cannot accept insurance. Mani offers a sliding fee scale starting at $20/hour. All intakes are a standard $20 regardless of income level. Mani offers both telehealth and in-office appointments, with weekday and weekend scheduling options. Schedule your “New Client Appointment” online today!