If you are in the state of North Carolina, our therapists, supervisors and interns can meet with you virtually for your counseling appointments.

For all scheduled virtual appointments, you will receive the telehealth link in the reminder email that comes out one hour prior to your scheduled session. By selecting your therapist’s name/link, you will be brought to their secure virtual waiting room. Please ensure that YOU are in a secure location void of interruptions. We are not allowed to provide virtual counseling while you are driving, intoxicated, or located outside of the state of North Carolina.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of medical and mental health services through electronic means, allowing you the ease and comfort of connecting from your home (or office, or beach house!). Though this has been invaluable in allowing us to safely attune to our health needs during the pandemic, did you know that our therapists have long provided virtual sessions?

Using HIPAA secure telehealth platforms, our therapists connect with you and/or your family members to help you receive the counseling you are needing in order to attune to your mental health and relational needs. 

What are the benefits of telehealth?

  • You are in the comfort of your own space! Here, you may curl up with a blanket, light a candle, or snuggle your pet.
  • You don’t have to miss sessions if you or a family member are feeling a bit sick
  • You are able to connect to a specialized therapist in your state without the commute!
  • You can continue working with your counselor if you move or go to college (as long as you are still in North Carolina)
  • You may find it easier to attend your sessions since you can connect in between work meetings, while the baby is napping, or while your older kids are watching a movie. No more relying on the babysitter or having to wait until your work day is over (as long as you have a private/secure space to retreat to for your call). 
  • You and your family members can be in different locations and still connect for couples or family therapy 

When is telehealth not so great?

  • You don’t have the privacy or security at your home or workplace to have your therapy call
  • You have poor internet connection or frequent internet disruptions during your calls
  • You have too many distractions on your computer, phone, or in your space
  • You are attending your calls while driving, in bed, or unproperly dressed 
  • You are experiencing severe depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, or suicidality 
  • You are a young child or teen and are not focused, engaged or receiving the interaction that can be provided in the office setting
  • You are not located in the state in which your therapist is licensed in
  • Your insurance limits which providers you can see virtually (i.e. allowing telehealth through MDlive only)

As you consider using telehealth for your mental health needs, please reach out with any questions and one of our therapists will help support you in determining if this is a good option for you!