Therapy Intensives

Therapy intensives offer couples and families the opportunity to do a deep dive and compress months of therapy into two meaningful days. Therapy intensives are provided to couples and families who are seeking significant and immediate changes. Together with TWO of our Marriage and Family Therapists, you and your partner/family will receive a customized experience geared towards your specific relational needs, where consecutive hours generate momentum that will set the stage for lasting change. With co-therapists, you benefit from two skilled family therapists working together to bring quality therapy, catch one another’s blind spots, facilitate break-out individual sessions simultaneously, and maximize the clinical benefits of the time you are dedicating to the therapy experience.

At Family Solutions & Wellness Center, we are therapists who believe there is nothing more precious in life than our relationships, and sometimes situations arise that call for immediate urgency in treating those relational crises. Therapy intensives can provide the space and clarity for couples and families to dive deep, get momentum, and foster a new direction.  

How do we know if a therapy intensive is right for us?

  • Do you feel like your relationship is falling apart? 
  • Do you feel that your family is in crisis? 
  • Do the issues impacting your relationship have a strong sense of urgency? 
  • Do you feel ready to have the hard conversations all at once to achieve greater change faster? 
  • Do you feel like all the work of your regular sessions gets lost in between? 
  • Do you and your partner/family have scheduling difficulties or residencies across states that impact your ability to regularly attend weekly therapy sessions?

If any of the above applies to you, a therapy intensive may be the next step to move toward healing. Therapy intensives work for both couples and families by immediately getting to the heart of the problems, evaluating each individual’s willingness to make a change, and implementing the necessary changes to heal and strengthen the relationship. Whether your significant other just revealed an infidelity or your family has been struggling with unresolved conflicts for years, instant relief may feel necessary, and a therapy intensive can offer just that.

How are intensives better than weekly therapy?

Not all therapy is the same; therapy can come in varying formats and styles. A therapy intensive differs from weekly or biweekly therapy in that it is designed to provide longer therapy sessions in a shorter period of time to accelerate the benefits of a therapeutic recovery. Intensives bring a depth to the therapy process that cannot often occur in 50 minute sessions, and which can allow momentum and progress without the stressors of the week exasperating an already fragile system. Often, our two-day intensives can yield the equivalent of at least 4 – 6 months of therapy.

What does the schedule entail?

We offer a variety of weekday and weekend scheduling options for our two-day, IN-PERSON therapy intensives. Day 1 will run from 8:30am – 3:30pm with a one hour lunch, and day two will run from 8:30am-12:30pm with a short break and provided snacks. With over 20 hours of dedicated clinical time from your therapists, your intensive will include:

  • a complimentary 1 hour pre-screening (30 minutes per partner)
  • Access to relational assessment tools and 4-6 hours of devoted time your therapist spends scoring, analyzing and interpreting the results
  • 6 hours of intensive therapy on day one, plus two planning hours (one during a working lunch, and one after the conclusion of day 1) where your therapists will collaborate to evaluate, plan, assess, and tailor the therapy intensive to uniquely fit your needs as therapy is unfolding
  • 4 hours of intensive therapy on day two where your therapists will continue to intervene using relational tools from Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples/Family Therapy, the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, and Family Systems Theory to aid in relational growth for you and your partner/family members
  • A personalized follow-up plan that helps build on the progress made in the therapy intensive
  • A follow up one-hour session (virtual or in-person) to be used within 3 months of the intensive

What would prevent us from being a good fit for a therapy intensive?

Our complimentary screening is geared to understand what each of you are hoping to gain from the therapy intensive, and ensuring appropriate fit for the intense therapy work that will be done. Those struggling with active substance abuse/addiction or experiencing physical abuse, domestic violence, or sexual abuse in the relationship would NOT be appropriate for the work that our intensives provide.

How do we get started?

If you and your partner/family feel ready to embark on a meaningful yet intense journey towards wellness, we invite you to contact us at [email protected] with an inquiry or schedule HERE for our free consultation.  Once deemed a good fit, we will coordinate two of our available therapists to be your clinical team based off of your preferred meeting dates (you send us your top three dates with at least three weeks notice, and we pull a team together to meet your needs!). Once your date is reserved, we will schedule your one-on-one consultation calls, send out and collect the pre-therapy assessment tools, and get to planning! 

What if we need to cancel?

We understand that things come up. Full payment is required in order to reserve your therapy intensive. Canceling with more than 14 days notice will result in a 100% refund minus a $200 administration fee. Canceling with at least 7 days notice will result in a 50% refund minus a $200 administration fee. Cancelations made within 7 days are not eligible for a refund.

What is the cost of therapy intensives?

Your therapy intensive includes 11 hours of therapy, one screening call, and 9 hours of clinical preparation and collaboration. We uniquely offer cotherapy for our intensives so that break-out one-on-ones can help support the couple/family relationships and effectively addressing impasses so that more effective progress is attained during our two days of work together. Here, you get two therapists for the price of one! Our weekday 2-day intensives cost $3,600, with an additional $500/day for weekends. Current client’s of the practice who have had more than 5 sessions and present the clinical appropriateness for a therapy intensive will receive $500 off.

Contact us today to request your weekday or weekend therapy intensive.