Molly Willett

Molly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA) and has her M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from East Carolina University. Specializing in couples and family therapy, Molly provides two-day therapy intensives to help clients “dive deep, get momentum, and foster a new direction.” 

Molly utilizes a collaborative therapeutic approach with her clients to create a safe, empathic space for healing, repair, and improving relational interaction cycles. With ample time, Molly helps move couples and families though the two-day marathon with both psychoeducation and experiential interventions that can produce outcomes similar to months of weekly therapy. 

Molly uses the emotionally focused therapy model in addition to methods from the Gottman Institute to help clients access underlying feelings, identify problematic communication patterns, and work to form deeper connections and more secure attachments both within themselves and within their relationships. Molly believes that without feeling secure with ourselves and our relationships, the rest of the world can feel out of line. She believes in the power that attachment and communication have in our relationships and our overall wellbeing.    

A believer in holistic wellness, Molly recognizes how our physical, emotional, and mental health are intertwined. She is committed to creating a calm, open, and safe space that encourages her clients on their journey to heal, to change, and to grow. 


Contact Molly directly to inquire about a consultation call in order to see if an intensive is right for you!