Molly Cummings

Molly is a North Carolina native and graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. She is currently a masters student of marriage and family therapy at East Carolina University, working towards becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist associate.

Molly is specializing in working with couples and families, and is passionate about working with those impacted by relational conflict, communication struggles, low self-esteem, betrayals, and disconnection.

Molly brings warmth and energy into a room. She works to meet people where they are and connect with clients in a way which makes them feel seen, heard, and safe. Molly strives to create an environment where deep change can happen, but where we can laugh along the way. She feels passionately about helping others increase their self-esteem, self-awareness, and decision-making skills. By using the experiential practices of Virginia Satir and attachment theory, she hopes to help couples, and families in discovering their coping mechanisms and improve their interaction patterns/dynamics. Additionally, perceiving the world through a systemic lens, Molly believes we are impacted by every sphere surrounding us: Our biology, psychology, social spheres, and spiritual practices.

Molly views everyone as worthy, valuable, and capable of change. Her goal in therapy is to provide clients who have never experienced security and safety, with a safe space, and a secure base. While the process of healing is not linear, it is life-changing and long-lasting. Molly cannot wait to walk with clients, cheer them on, and empower them toward deep and meaningful change.

Molly is completing her couple/family therapy residence at FSWC through April 2024. Molly is an intern and cannot accept insurance. Molly offers a sliding fee scale starting at $20/hour. All intakes are a standard $20 regardless of income level. Molly offers both telehealth and in-office appointments. Schedule your “New Client Appointment” online today!